Nourishing Body Oil

Nourishing Body Oil

We made this nourishing oil for people who need to treat dryness on their whole body. We worked for months, breaking down different base oils and essential oils to help with dryness. We wanted it to feel like you have coated your skin in a blanket of natural organic oils which would also lock in your own natural oils in the body, with an added soothing effect.There is a detailed group of base oils all beneficial to the skin on the body.-Calendula-Apricot Kernel-Sunflower-Rosehip-Vit E-ArganWhich all work in repairing damaged cells and soothing dry skin with their healing properties. The organic essential oils we chose include; Lavender, Geranium, Mandarin, Neroli and Sandalwood. All these oils have varied healing properties including; promoting new cell growth, anti inflammatory, anti aging. If you have dry skin and would like to see if this organic oil will benefit you, do a patch test and then we would recommend try on one side of the body for a few evenigs after a shower and see if it works for you.
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Es Naturally is an irish owned business producing handmade health and wellness products including; body oils, diffuser oil, sleep aids. All oils used are 100% natural and organic. All packaging used is eco friendly and reusable.


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